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A bridge for commerce between Italy and Iran. The future starts now !

An International Law Firm with partners and Italian and local consultants who follow each and every industrial/commercial operation “step by step” with co-ordinated assistance from both Italy and Iran.

We can guide your company top position it self in the Iranian market and open new business frontiers. Exhibition in Iran 2016/17



Why export and invest in Iran?.

The historic agreement between Iran-Usa has reopened relations with the West

Italy is the leading partner in Europe with long standing commercial relationships (such as Saipem, Tecnimont, Eni, Ansaldo, etc)

The internal economy is in full expansion

Made in Italy is highly sought after and accepted

Iran is the last untouched market in the world

In a country that has inherent wealth confirmed by macroeconomics

Infrastructures are in place and are expanding

The Iranian Government favor’s entry into the “know how” market and foreign investment

The country, with regard to information technology, is abreast with the best in the world.


 What would your needs be ?
Market research:


Market share in the industry, divided by geographical areas and product categories,

analysis of the supply chain upstream and downstream;

Analysis of the value chain(such as the various actors in the supply chains profit share)

Analysis of the competition, the selling propositions of the major role players in the Iranian market and critical success factors.

Analysis of local production incentives.

Sector Analysis: the elasticity of prices and product quality(in industry, the extent of price as a driver? The extent of product quality as a driver?)

Analysis of the impact of ADV(B2BandB2C)on the ability to sell the product(the viability of communication campaigns)

Analysis of the parallel markets

Distribution networks:

representatives and agents

distributors/local wholesalers

warehouse management


Entry Strategies Into The Country

Management, control and co-ordination of an activity

Relationships with national and local authorities

Sales & Marketing Plans


We can guide your company top position itself in the Iranian market and open new business frontiers. . An International Law Firm with Italian and local partners and consultants following all industrial/commercial operations “step by step” with co-ordinate assistance from Italy and Iran

If you would like to learn more about the actual commercial possibilities in Iran and understand how your company can enter into this market, join our 2016 Italian delegation which will be travelling to Tehran for meetings and onsite visits with local partners.

Head of Delegation : avv.annino@exportiran.it


This initiative is being managed by Law Firm Annino: Avv. Gianfranco Annino


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